Fr. M St Mary's Kitchener July 2018
Fr. Mikulski during the first Mass at St. Mary’s in Kitchener in July 2018. Photo credit: Lindsay Murray

In 1988, Fr. Lloyd Ryan began saying the Latin Mass at his parish in St. Clements Ontario, which is where our community has it’s official origin. 4 years later, Fr. Ryan was due to retire at the mandatory age of 75 and was able to say Latin Mass every Sunday at the Carmelite Monastery near St. Agatha, Ontario. Fr. Ryan passed away on February 18, 2003+

Bishop Tonnos gave our small group permission to have the Latin Mass said, but we were required to find our own priest. Fr. Martin Mikulski, the Pastor of the German parish at St. Mary’s in Kitchener, offered to say the Mass for us in September 2004 at St. Agnes Church in Waterloo, where he resided at the time. We began using collections envelopes in 2005.

Not too long after, Fr. Joe Hearty, a member of the the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) group in St. Catherines, made arrangements for us to have the Latin Mass said at St. Anne’s in Kitchener, being a personal friend of Fr. King, the Pastor at St. Anne’s. Soon, Fr. Howard Venette, Fr. William Lawrence, Fr. Edwin Neufeld, Fr. Robert Novokowsky and Fr. Joseph Poisson were travelling from St. Catherines to offer Latin Mass for us.
At the end of May 2011, the FSSP withdrew control of the Kitchener Apostolate, with Fr. Poisson offering the last Mass before departing on his assignment to Nigeria.

Fr. Duffy, Fr. McGrath, Fr. Oehring, Fr. Mikulski, Fr. Bradley Markus and Fr. Lobsinger rotated Sunday’s to continue offering Latin Mass to our community during the time of transition. Fr. Wayne Lobsinger at Blessed Sacrament parish offered to administer our collections in a separate account, and we formed the Una Voce Hamilton, Kitchener Community as a legal entity for this very purpose. Fr. Duffy, Fr. Mikulski, Fr. Lobsinger and Fr. Oehring continued to say the Latin Mass for us until June 2013.

Not too long after, we had a new Bishop, Bshp. Douglas Crosby, who applied the principles of Summorum Pontificum, which was written by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI in July 2007. He assigned Fr. Mikulski as the community’s pastor.

Since 2014, Fr. Mikulski & Fr. McGrath rotate Sunday’s to offer Mass for us every week at 3pm. We occasionally have visiting FSSP priests say Mass for us as well!

As of July 1st 2018, the community departed St. Anne’s and moved to the beautiful and historic St. Mary’s in downtown Kitchener (mass time will remain at 3pm).

We hope you will consider joining our rapidly growing community!

Deo Gratias! +

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